Chocolate with malt, two straws, and the aluminium cup so cold you can barely hold it….well, almost.


7 thoughts on “Retro anodised milkshake cups……………very cool!

  1. albert.winkler

    hi its albert here from brisbane saw your site about anodised milkshake containers i was wondering if you can put me in touch with some one who sells these containers many thanks albert

    1. coolforcats retro Post author

      Hi Albert – I haven’t seen them for sale as new items. Rather, the last set I had were from a garage sale. Apparently they came with a milkshake machine that was now defunct. I could do with as many as I could lay my hands on, by the way! They are occasionally on EBAY and seem to get at least $15 each plus postage, but who knows, they may suddenly appear in a $2 shop for $4.95 a set. And also, by the way, I have rarely had customers as happy as the two girls who bought the set in our photo. I’ll let you know when next I stumble across some! Cheers.

  2. Margo Angel

    Hi, do you have any of those coloured aluminium cups for sale as I’m wanting to purchase some . cheers margo.

  3. steven brine

    Hello Coolforcats, im steve and i am chasing some of the coloured anodised aluminium milkshake cups with the 8 flutes as you had listed a few years ago, i am after 1-20 units of you no where to get any, i am opening up a retro milkshake store again and want more of these to serve my milkshakes in
    reply to

  4. Jeannie hucks

    Hi how ya doing im interested in the retro cups i would like 2 sets if possible could you please let me know how much they are


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